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Author/Contributor: Greg Parsons

There are two kinds of decisions: revocable and irrevocable. Knowing the difference is a hallmark of the good manager.

- Jeffrey Fox

When making a big decision, gather as many relevant facts and projections as you possibly can but at some point you’re going to have to take a leap of faith.

- Lee Iacocca

Making a leadership decision after gathering only 40-60% of the information that can be obtained, and then use your experience to make up the difference.

- John Maxwell

Strive to follow a fair decision-making process. Even if people do not agree with the final decision, they often will support it if they feel that their views and interests have been heard and taken seriously and that you have given them a plausible rationale for why you made the call that you did.

- Michael Watkins

Despite what the text books say, most important decisions in corporate life are made by individuals, not by committees.

- Lee Iacocca

Bureaucracies can serve useful purposes. For example, a bureaucracy can slow down the implementation of a bad idea by giving the decision-maker more time to reflect. However, more often than not, bureaucracies create rules and then forget why they were needed in the first place, or fail to see that the reasons for them no longer exist.

- Michael Abrashoff

Many leaders have trouble if they desire to have an exhaustive amount of data or wait to have all of their questions answered before making decisions.

- John Maxwell

Most reasonable people don’t have to get their way in a discussion. They just need to be heard, and to know that their input was considered and responded to.

- Patrick Lencioni

People often go along with things they are not completely happy about if they perceive the process as fair.

- Michael Watkins