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Welcome to the Bigroads.com guide to funny & unique town names in the United States!

One of the many pleasures of taking a road trip in the United States is stumbling across some of the odd, offbeat, or even outrageous town names. There are hundreds of such town names, and the list below represents our top picks after reading through lists of all towns incorporated in each of the fifty U.S. states.

We hope you enjoy this list and we encourage you to spin through some of these towns on your next road trip adventure (perhaps even stopping to take a photo of, or with (selfie!), the town's welcoming sign).

For those interested, Wikipedia.com often has interesting historical information as to how these incorporated town names came to fruition.

If you know of any other town or city names that you believe are worthy of inclusion in this list, please send us an email (gparsons66@hotmail.com) and we will seriously consider adding it. We are also looking to add more photographs to this page, so if you have any photos of any of the welcome signs of these towns, please consider sharing them with us.

Author/Contributor: Greg Parsons

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  • Allgood, AL
  • Bacon, IN
  • Badwater, CA
  • Beebeetown, IA
  • Best, TX
  • Big Rock Candy Mountain, VT
  • Bigfoot, TX
  • Bird-in-Hand, PA
  • Black Gnat, KY
  • Bloody Corners, OH
  • Boring, MD
  • Boring, OR
  • Bowlegs, OK
  • Bugscuffle, TN
  • Bumble Bee, AZ
  • Burnt Cabins, PA
  • Burnt Corn, AL
  • Carefree, AZ
  • Celebration, FL
  • Cheesequake, NJ
  • Chicken, AK
  • Chloride, AZ
  • Chocolate Bayou, TX
  • Condemned Bar, CA
  • Cranky Corner, LA
  • Cut and Shoot, TX
  • Dateland, AZ
  • Dead Woman Crossing, WY
  • Ding Dong, TX
  • Dinkytown, MN
  • Dinosaur, CO
  • Disco, TN
  • Do Stop, KY
  • Dog Walk, KY
  • Dumfries, VA
  • Dunmovin, CA
  • Eek, AK
  • Embarrass, MN
  • Fame, WV
  • Fleatown, OH
  • Forks of Salmon, CA
  • Friendly, WV
  • Funk, NB
  • Gassville, AR
  • Goodfood, MS
  • Goose Pimple Junction, VA
  • Greasy, OK
  • Gripe, AZ
  • Ham Lake, MN
  • Handsome Eddy, NY
  • Happy Camp, CA
  • Happyland, CT
  • Happyland, OK
  • Hardmoney, KY
  • Hardscrabble, DE
  • Hazard, KY
  • Hell, MI
  • Hellhole Palms, CA
  • Hippo, KY
  • Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
  • Hooker Point, FL
  • Hopeulikit, GA
  • Horseheads, NY
  • Hot Coffee, MS
  • Humansville, MO
  • Hungry Horse, MT
  • Husband, PA
  • Ideal, GA
  • Intercourse, PA
  • Kiester, IA
  • Knob Noster, MO
  • Last Chance, CA
  • Left Hand, WV
  • Lick Fork, VA
  • Lick Skillet, TN
  • Lickskillet, OH
  • Loafers Glory, NC
  • Lonelyville, NY
  • Loveladies, NJ
  • Lovely, KY
  • Luck Stop, KY
  • Mexican Water, AZ
  • Mianus, CT
  • Monkey's Eyebrow, KY
  • Nimrod, AR
  • Nothing, AZ
  • Oatmeal, TX
  • Oddville, KY
  • Okay, OK
  • Old Weiss And French Place, MT
  • Ordinary, KY
  • Paradise, MI
  • Peculiar, MO
  • Pee Pee, OH
  • Picnic, FL
  • Pie Town, NM
  • Possum Trot, KY
  • Poverty, KY
  • Prison Farm, MT
  • Rabbit Shuffle, NC
  • Ransom, KS
  • Shoofly, NC
  • Shoulderblade, KY
  • Slicklizzard, AL
  • Stiffknee Knob, NC
  • Stinking Bay, AR
  • Success, MO
  • Sugar City, ID
  • Sweet Lips, TN
  • Tea, SD
  • The Bottle, AL
  • Toad Suck, AR
  • Tortilla Flat, AZ
  • Truth or Consequences, NM
  • Turkey Scratch, AR
  • Two Egg, FL
  • Unalaska, AK
  • Uncertain, TX
  • Wahoo, NB
  • Wealthy, TX
  • Weed, CA
  • Weed, NM
  • Weiner, AR
  • West Thumb, WY
  • Wham, LA
  • What Cheer, IA
  • Why, AZ
  • Whynot, MS
  • Wimp, CA
  • Wyckoff, NJ
  • Yellow Water, FL
  • Zzyzx, CA
Funny Town Names in the US

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